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Best Deals-shaadi-ke-side-effects-is-little-fun/article1-1189210.aspx&media=,%20however,%20does%20not%20entertain%20as%20much%20as%20Pyaar%20Ke%20Side%20Effects.%20The%20only%20saving%20grace%20is%20Farhan%20and%20Vidya’s%20performance.”> image

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Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar, two of our most talented actors, sync up as a married couple in Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Their talent and charm should have been a laugh riot but the movie quite doesn’t work.

Debutant director Saket Chowdhary falls notches short of making a total fun riot. The movie - a sequel to much-appreciated Pyaar Ke Side Effects - has it’s high points and the actors (Vidya, Farhan, Vir Das, Ram Kapoor and Ila Arun) do impress with their performances. However, the punches and the desperate effort to fuse comedy and philosophy fall flat.

Sid (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (Vidya Balan) deal with each other’s fantasies and nature, while desperately trying to cope with the pressure of being new parents.


The film is a comic take on the changes that a child brings to the life of a married couple—together and as individuals.

Why you might want to watch it just once?

The performances are impressive. Here, Farhan takes the lead but Vidya, Vir Das (Farhan’s friend) and Ila Arun (their babysitter) show immense talent in the spaces provided for them.

Farhan, with a perfect comic timing and an amazing expertise in cracking jokes with a flat face, shines with his own talent.


In some of the emotionally-intense scenes, especially in the second half of the movie. Vidya’s skills leave you spellbound. She also plays the nagging, irritating wife to the hilt. Interestingly, she also turns into this woman who wants to forgive the husband, only if he would have done the same, and aces the act completely.

Vir Das perfects the cool dude personna while Ila Arun is her charming best as a loving and self-respecting caretaker. Ram Kapoor plays Vidya’s brother-in-law in his own style which is pure fun.

Though the film largely uses done-to-death husband-wife jokes, there are a few high points. Sample these:

After having a scary dream that his child has the face of his mom-in-law, Farhan discusses his apprehensions with his friends. One of his friends says, ” Saas ke shaqal ke bacche! Sahi hai daily thappad maaro. (Having kids with you mom-in-law’s face would be awesome, you can daily slap them in the face!)”

Sometime after the child is born and Farhan feels detached from the family, a neighbour (Purab Kohli) comes filling in for every task in the household. Farhan thinks aloud, “I felt like Sehwag. Ek do match kharab kya khele team se hi nikaal diya aur naya young, player rakh liya! (I felt like Sehwag, I just played bad in a few matches and was kicked out of the team!)

The first half of the movie is good with mostly light moments. Farhan’s character comes across as lovable during Vidya’s pregnancy, shown in a crisp, tight and small sequence.

The script keeps the characters and situations rooted to reality. That connects the audience with Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

Why you might want to skip this?
Save a few, there is nothing fresh in the jokes.

Sample one from the opening sequence, Farhan’s advice for a happy married life is: “If it’s your fault, say sorry. If it’s your wife’s fault, say sorry.” That is certainly not funny. It is this kind of done-to-death, husband-wife jokes that are thrown at the audience.

The second half is too emotionally laden for a rom-com.

The film endorses a message: despite efforts at finding formulae for a happy marriage, the best one is to have none, just go with the flow and stay truthful. However, the attempt at conveying the message in a light-hearted, romantic comedy, does not meet it’s goal.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects is not as much fun as Pyaar ke Side Effects. You might watch this one only for the performances, which are just as amazing as you expect actors like Vidya and Farhan to deliver.



GameStop UK cuts price on Xbox One Titanfall bundle


GameStop UK is currently accepting preorders for the Xbox One Titanfall bundle for &;370, or a full &;30 below the bundle’s &;400 price point. That discount is on top of the &;30 price cut Microsoft announced yesterday, which will see the console officially drop from &;430 to &;400 effective Friday, February 28.

It’s one of the Promo Code deals we’ve seen so far on the Xbox One. Of course, it’s only valid in the UK, but GameStop stores in the United States are offering a promotion of their own for the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

GameStop UK’s &;370 Titanfall Xbox One bundle offer includes a black console, digital copy of the game, Kinect, a standard Xbox One controller ( not the special-edition one), a chat headset, and one-month Xbox Live Gold membership—which you’ll need to play the game.

The Titanfall Xbox One bundle will be available in North America alongside the game on March 11, followed by a March 14 release in Europe.

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Delaware and Nevada Interstate Online Poker Deal Set for Today


A history-making online poker interstate partnership between Nevada and Delaware is set to be signed by the governors of both states later today, Buy Cheap/5801961/”>Delaware Online reported.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and his Nevada counterpart, Gov. Brian Sandoval, will reportedly get together in Wilmington, Delaware and officially forge an agreement that will allow both states to combine their player pools. The deal will boost the online poker regimes of both states, increasing liquidity and perhaps prompting more signups as a result.

Revenue numbers released by the Delaware State Lottery for January reveal that a combined 1,006 new players signed up at the state’s three online gambling sites operated by Harrington Raceway, Delaware Park and Dover Downs. The new registrations allowed the state’s online gambling scheme to experience increased revenue only slightly, from $140,009.22 in December to $145,276.23 in January.

With regard to poker, a significant decrease was seen. While $106,922.76 was earned in rake from the online poker tables in December, 2013, only$88,390.48 was reported in January. That decline approaching 20% is likely a huge factor in Markell deciding to team up with Sandoval and the Silver State.

Nevada’s two sites of and Ultimate Poker typically average less than 200 players combined on the cash tables, according to PokerScout. A third site, Real Gaming, launched last week, which may siphon players from the two that have co-existed since mid-September. This appears to be a fine time for both Delaware and Nevada to make their play and increase liquidity.

The interstate agreement comes on the heels of a recent announcement by Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) that he expects an online poker-only bill on the federal level to be introduced in a matter of weeks. The proposal will reportedly rewrite the Wire Act to exclude online casino gambling, but allow Internet poker to be regulated by any state that chooses to opt in on the federal scheme.

The expected alliance of Nevada and Delaware later today is what many had envisioned for online poker throughout the U.S. once state-by-state regulations began taking hold. Perhaps New Jersey will also join the mix in the near future, to be followed by a number of other states who are said to be considering online poker and gambling legislation.

'The Voyage', Mojo Bones' Follow-up to 2012's 'The Curse', Launching this Week

Online Dealsp>If you enjoyed the collection of puzzles in 2012’s The Curse [$1.99], then you’ll want to get your Excited Hat on as developer Mojo Bones has announced that the follow-up title called The Voyage is hitting the App Store this Thursday. The Voyage is a similar collection of classic brain teasers all tied together with a storyline and a piratey theme. Check out the trailer, narrated by your new adversary Captain Bucklebeard.

Like its predecessor, The Voyage will come equipped with 100 different pages of puzzles to solve that run the gamut of genres like logic, timing-based, perception and more. In the case of The Curse, the added storyline was a really cool way to package up a bunch of classic puzzles that might otherwise feel somewhat boring on their own. I expect The Voyage to be similarly enjoyable. The Voyage will launch at a sale price of 99&; later this week, so keep an eye out for it.

National Signing Day 2014: RB Taiwan Deal Signs National Letter of Intent with Wisconsin Badgers

imageThe day starts early as the Wisconsin Badgers received their first National Letter of Intent from three-star running back Taiwan Deal Of The Day.

Already a strong suit for the Badgers, Deal adds to an already stacked running backs corps.

The 2013 Maryland Gatorade Player of the Year, Deal committed to Wisconsin back in June of last year and never wavered from that. Deal was also pursued by Purdue, Michigan State, Virginia Tech and Syracuse among others.

Ranked the 25th overall running back and 10th overall player out of the state of Maryland, Deal will bring a lot to the Badgers offense in the future. Although he will have to sit behind Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement for the time being, look for Deal to make an impact once he is given the opportunity.

Deal unofficially marks the beginning of what should be a very fun and exciting National Signing Day for the Wisconsin Badgers. Keep it here to Badger of Honor for all the breaking news and analysis on this glorious college football holiday.

weather las vegasp>Instead of being in front of public opinion, our political leaders seem to seek a safe, secure place in the rear to watch which way the crowd is going and then shout their cries.

They say, “Hard left,” then they say “Hard right!” and “Full speed ahead,” then “Pop it in reverse!”

They no longer listen to the warning of the terrorism jeremiahs, now that 9/11 is beginning to fade in public memory. Inconvenience is replacing the threat of terrorism as an issue to the crowd.

The same people who said “We must do whatever it takes” to the cheering crowds after 9/11 now say many measures they consented to earlier are unneeded and unconstitutional.

Too bad those political leaders did not go in front of the crowd and risk unpopularity when the programs were initiated.

Yes, it is safe in the rear of the crowd. Shouting whatever the crowd seems to want at the moment is not the same as leadership.

But wait until next week. What will they say then?

The Best and Worst of Oakland Restaurant Week Menus


Compared to its San Francisco counterpart, Oakland Restaurant Week unquestionably offers a better selection of restaurants and value for the money. A vast majority of the city’s high-profile restaurants participate, compared to the motley crew in SF, and nearly all of them offer a dinner option, whereas a lot of the better SF options stick exclusively to lunch. This is perhaps due to OWR’s more flexible pricing scheme, which allows for menus at both lunch and dinner at a price point of the restaurant’s choice ($20, $30, or $40), as compared to the pre-set $19 lunches and $37 dinners for SF’s Dine About Town. It’s designed to allow more restaurants in a wider variety of genres to participate, and a lot of them even include a drink in the deal (a nonexistent sight on DAT menus). Still, as always, some options are better value propositions than others. As you make your Oakland Restaurant Week reservations, here’s our back-pocket guide to the menus with the Deal Now and worst deals.

The Best

B-Side BBQ: Tanya Holland is considering closing down her West Oakland ‘cue joint due to lack of patronage and moving it to more hospitable Uptown, but her OWR menu shows she’s serious about bringing in new customers. For $20, diners get a full order of either her St. Louis-style ribs or her smoked brown sugar-rubbed brisket, plus two sides: spicy coleslaw and smoked mashed yams. Considering the meat alone typically goes for $18, that’s a savings of $6, and probably enough food to leave leftovers for lunch the next day, especially if a couple each ordered one of the two meaty options.

The Star on Grand: For sheer quantity of food at a low price point, it’s hard to beat this Little Star Pizza affiliate, which is offering a crazy $20 lunch deal that includes a small deep-dish pizza for two, a salad, and dessert. By itself, a small pie typically goes for $19, so the accoutrements are essentially free. Dinner isn’t as good a deal, with the same combo going up to $30, but it’s still $5-8 cheaper than the sticker price, depending on the choice of salad, and will feed two people for under $20 each, including tax and tip. Not too shabby.

Bocanova: This Latin-influenced restaurant outside Jack London Square is normally quite expensive, but even at the priciest tier of OWR, their $40 dinner menu is a good deal. The entrees offered (a flat iron steak or marinated sturgeon) typically go for $27-28 in and of themselves, and that’s before adding in the two courses of seafood that precede them (salt-cured tuna and a Dungeness-avocado salad), a side of sweet potato puree or caramelized endive and arugula, and dessert, plus housemade chocolates. It all adds up to a roughly $10 savings at either lunch or dinner.

Nido: Critics have been all raves when it comes to this charming Mexican spot just outside JLS, and their DAT menu offers an affordable means to see what the fuss is about. For $20, diners get their choice of the signature ollita de pobre (slow-braised beef, rice, and beans) or al pastor pork skewers, which typically go for $14 alone. Add in a soup or salad and a draft Mexican beer or glass of house wine, and you’ll save about $10, money that can potentially be reinvested in guacamole. Also, they note right on the menu that they’re happy to adapt the bill of fare for vegetarians or vegans, a rarity on the Restaurant Week menus and a nice touch.

&; C&;t&;: A Rockridge perennial, this cute Mediterranean small-plates spot is offering the opportunity to save $8-10 on its already well-priced and sizably portioned fare, with French onion soup and romaine-radicchio salad to start, seared scallops or butternut-squash ravioli as an entree, and ricotta fritters or a brownie sundae for dessert, all for $30. Blow the extra $10 on a nice glass from their extensive wine selection-they have over 40 options, at least half of which are $10 or under.

The Worst

Flora: Flora’s menu options are designed to change for each night of Oakland Restaurant Week, meaning the actual level of “deal” varies widely depending on when you go. For example, last night they served a grilled New York strip steak that goes for $30 and goat-cheese crostini that cost $11, plus a $9 dessert, making for a savings of $10. But tonight, they’re serving a citrus salad ($10) and stuffed chicken breast ($22), which with that $9 dessert will save diners all of $1. Forcing diners into a game of deal roulette doesn’t seem very much in the spirit of OWR, to our minds.

A16 Rockridge: A16’s $30 prix fixe is a break-even proposition: with its $6 stuffed olives, $18 pasta, and $6 cannoli, it ends up saving diners precisely nothing. To add insult to injury, neither of the restaurant’s specialties (seafood and pizza) are anywhere to be seen on the menu.

Juhu Beach Club: Preeti Mistry is offering quite a bit of food for diners’ $30 during OWR, but she’s not actually saving them all that much. Her combo of spiced “Desi jacks” popcorn, sev puri, a half-portion of moong dal, and chickpea or chicken curry, concluded with vanilla soft serve and a choice of topping, would go for $31.25 if ordered a la carte (and $29.25 for the vegetarian option). Juhu’s a great restaurant, but there’s no particular need to hit it up for OWR.

District: Even the most charitable interpretation of District’s OWR menu has the price at break-even, with the $9 oxtail bocaditos, $14 hanger steak, and $7 dessert adding up to the $30 total price tag. Order incorrectly by getting the $7 arugula salad and the $12 duck sausage, and you could conceivably be out $4. $20 for a wine or whiskey pairing also seems high, considering that a lot of OWR restaurants are throwing in a drink-even A16 Rockridge, with its high-end Italian wines, is doing a three-course pairing for a couple of bucks less.

Grand Tavern: It wouldn’t be a restaurant week without one spot actively ripping people off, and this go-round, that spot is Grand Tavern. Their $20 “deal” offers a burger with two toppings and a draft Linden Street brew. The only problem: the burger with toppings is usually $13, and the beer $6. Dine here, and you’ll be getting charged an extra buck for no reason.

Had a great OWR experience, or one that made you question the whole enterprise? We await your tips in the comments or over the wire.

&; Oakland Restaurant Week [Official website]
&; The Best and Worst of 2014’s Dine About Town Menus [&; ESF &;]

Amazon to collect NC sales tax


Deal Of The Day has succumbed to North Carolina’s wish of charging sales tax to state customers.

The online retailer confirmed Saturday that it will charge sales tax starting Feb. 1. Amazon currently collects state sales taxes in 19 states, including Virginia.

Because Amazon has no offices or warehouses in North Carolina, the company isn’t required to collect sales tax on purchases.

Customers are required to pay taxes for online purchases but such is rarely enforced by retailers.

The amount of tax charged will depend on factors such as the identity of the seller, the type of item purchased and the destination of the shipment, according to the retailer. The company has not said why they changed course on charging sales tax to North Carolina customers.

Disputes between the state and Amazon go back to at least 2009 when the online retailer opposed state budget plans to collect online sales taxes.

The online retail giant sued the state Department of Revenue in 2010 to block the department’s attempt to obtain names and addresses of North Carolina residents who bought or received items from the company. Amazon claimed it provided the department with purchase data, including product codes revealing the exact items purchased. A U.S. district court judge ruled against the state, which eventually settled with Amazon.

Former state Revenue Secretary David Hoyle vowed in 2010 to collect sales tax on purchases North Carolina residents made from online retailers.

In 2012, the Department of Revenue estimated North Carolina lost as much as $214 million in online sales taxes each year.

A measure introduced by U.S. lawmakers last year - the Marketplace Fairness Act - would allow each state to collect sales taxes on online purchases from out-of-state vendors. The measure passed the U.S. Senate but is currently stuck in the House of Representatives.

MISSION BEACH, Calif. (10News) - The oddest thing happened to a Mission Beach man this Christmas. Twice.

Jim Nevarde bought an iPod Classic for his wife at the Mira Mesa Target. However, when she opened it Christmas morning all she found was school erasers and index cards.

"About five of them fit exactly in the space where the iPod goes," he said.

"It was a little strange," understated Nevarde, who just spent $293 on the iPod and its warranty. "Obviously, somebody got in there and rewrapped it with shrink-wrap."

He had to wait until Thursday to return the erasers and hope someone believed him.

"It is a crazy story," Nevarde thought as he walked into a different Target store, this time in the Midway area.

"If we had a video camera on it when the outer-wrapping was undone, OK, we have a story but how does anyone know we didn’t put the erasers in there."

The people in Target were cool and replaced his iPod. However this time, Nevarde had the clerk open it before he left. You wouldn’t believe it:

"Sure enough, it’s full of erasers," exclaimed Nevarde. "Different color erasers but it’s full of erasers again."

Nevarde felt vindicated to find a second iPod beach christmas cards, at a different target, full of erasers.

"Oh yeah, because now I knew they have to believe me," he said. "Either Target has an issue or Apple. Somebody in between has an issue with these."

10News contacted Apple to see what was up with their iPods. They told us to talk to Target. Target emailed us a statement:

"At Target, we are committed to providing our guests with an outstanding shopping experience. We take this incident very seriously and worked directly with the guest to resolve the issue and make it right. We are looking into this incident and have no additional information to share."